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Postnatal exercise programme


The Strong Like a Woman Postnatal Programme is an online postnatal training programme for women who want to make a safe and confident return to exercise after having their baby.  


Combining the knowledge and expertise of women’s health physio Rosie Cardale and pre & postnatal personal trainer Jenna Topham, the programme has been specifically designed to support your recovery from pregnancy and birth whilst building a strong foundation to rebuild your strength and fitness. 


You’ll receive 18 weeks of programming, which you can start as soon as you feel ready after having your baby. The first 6 weeks are a physio led postnatal programme, designed to support your healing post-birth. Weeks 6-18 are a PT led postnatal fitness programme consisting of 3 workouts a week, giving you the structure you need to continue to rehabilitate safely whilst increasing physical strength and fitness. 

You’ll also receive a whole body of resources and information which have been designed to build your confidence in, and knowledge of, your postpartum body. You’ll learn more about your pelvic and core health, and will complete this postnatal programme with the knowledge and techniques to continue your journey in rebuilding strength and fitness. 


  • An 18 week digital program; 6 weeks physio led and 12 weeks postnatal PT led

  • 70+ workout videos, with higher and lower intensity options for all

  • Step-by-step coaching notes and movement tutorials

  • Modifications and advice based on your own circumstances: diastasis, c-section delivery and prolapse

  • Tutorial on optimal breathing technique and reconnecting with pelvic floor after birth 

  • Tutorial on how to check your diastasis and assess your function

  • FREE Pelvic floor 101 course 

  • FREE ‘Fourth Trimester’ ebook 

  • Mobility and stretching tutorials

  • ‘Podcast’ style discussion videos to learn more about topics like pelvic floor exercises and recovery, diastasis, and even Jenna’s experience and learnings from her own postpartum recovery 

  • Invitation to join private Facebook group to connect with other mums on a similar journey to your own ​


​This programme can easily be completed at home or within a gym setting. If at home, you'll need

  • A light, long resistance band

  • A pair of dumbbells and/or a kettlebell 

From week 12 onwards you may find it beneficial to complete the programme in a gym setting where you have a broader selection of weights. If that's not an option for you, an additional set of heavier dumbbells and/or kettlebell might be worth investing in.

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