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Taking the leap into working with a personal trainer can feel daunting; you are investing time and money in an individual that you may feel you don't know much about. I wanted to share a few of my client testimonials to reassure you that (without blowing my own trumpet) I'm really very nice and, most importantly, that wherever you are on your journey, I will help you become need the healthiest, strongest, most confident version of yourself.

 I approached Jenna in July 2020,

desperately in need of getting my body and mind back into a healthy routine. 

I was nervous to admit how

far 'off the bandwagon' I'd let thingsget, but from our initial conversation,Jenna made me feel confident in regaining my fitness and empowered to take control of my diet and general well-being. 

Since then, through multiple lockdowns and big life events, Jenna has been my constant. Her programming goes beyond just fitness - it's personal, adapted and completely focused on my goals, no matter what is happening in life. She has helped me regain my fitness and has taught me how hormones, food and stress all impact my training - oh and we've

smashed a lot of PBs along the way!! 

Her passion for helping women reach their potential is inspiring, and shines through in every single session. Whether I need a gentle word of encouragement, a big pep talk, or a huge kick up the bum, Jenna knows exactly how to get the

best session out of me. 

I cannot sing Jenna's praises enough - she's helped save my relationship with fitness and has continued to lift me

up from the moment I sent her a

message back in July 2020.

Thankyou for everything Jenna!


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