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- Face to face in Bristol & Weston-super-Mare

- Online from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world


Our first step would be a goal-setting call to establish where you are on your fitness journey, where you're looking to get to, and to make sure that I'm the best person to support you in that.

If we're a good fit, that's where the fun starts, and we can get you booked in for some personal training either face to face or online! You will be set up on my training app where you can view your workouts, track your progress, and get nutrition support via my in-app food journal all in one place. Every session will be fully aligned with your goals, and I do my very best to make sure they include the things you enjoy so your fitness journey feels positive and sustainable, never like punishment.

You can have 1 or 2 personal training sessions with me per week, with the option for additional workouts (complete with tutorial videos) to complete at home or in the gym in your own time. Your investment ranges from £180 to £360 per month depending on your selected programme. Support with nutrition is included with all programmes.

I ask for an initial 3 month commitment to ensure you’re in this for the long run and to allow me the time to really impact your life and transform your health and confidence.


I offer face to face personal training for women in both Bristol and Weston-super-Mare, and online personal training for women anywhere and everywhere!


I train clients in Bristol in a central location, semi-private studio on Wednesdays and Friday mornings. 


Weston-super-Mare clients able to train with me on Tuesdays and Friday afternoons in my purpose built home gym.

Online clients get to train with me on any of my working days from the comfort of your own home. If you're based further afield or struggle to find the time to travel to the gym, shower, and travel back on top of your workout time, online is a fantastic option. All you need is a set of dumbbells at home, a computer with a camera and wifi!


If you really want to feel fitter and healthier but struggle with motivation, or simply have no idea where to start, it's for you. 

If you're fed up of hating your body and punishing yourself with unsustainable diets and exercise regimes, then you need a positive and empowering solution to building your body confidence, and my personal training services are for you. 

If you are prenatal, wanting to continue with exercise through pregnancy but not sure how to go about it to make sure you are serving your body and baby as best you possibly can, it's for you. 

And if you're postnatal, ready to return to exercise but feeling unfamiliar with your body and unsure how to safely rebuild your strength and fitness, then it's for you!

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