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personal trainer Weston super mare


For women, everywhere!


Much like with 1:1 training, our first step for online coaching would be a goal-setting call to discuss where you are on your fitness journey and the goals you're looking for my support with. 

If we're a good match, you'll set up on my 'Strong Like a Woman' app where you can view your workouts, easily track your progress and complete weekly check-ins so I know exactly how you're getting on and can make sure your programme is always working well for you. 


You get 3 workouts a week, written specifically to align with your goals, lifestyle and the time you have available to complete them. All movements come with video tutorials so you always have clarity on what you should be doing (and I'm only a message away if you're ever unclear). You will check-in via the app each week, and we'll have a call check in each month to make sure you're always on track. 

My online coaching programme costs £99 per month. I ask for a 3 month intial commitment to allow time for me to really impact your life and transform your health and confidence, and for you to really see the results.


If you have a little experience in the gym, but not sure how to make and sustain real progress, it's for you. 

If you feel like you really need some accountability to keep you motivated with exercise, online coaching is for you.

If you are prenatal, wanting to continue with exercise through pregnancy but not sure how to go about it to make sure you are serving your body and baby as best you possibly can, it's for you. 

And if you're postnatal, keen to return to exercise but feel like you need a programme to follow so you know you are returning to exercise safely and rehab-ing fully, it's for you!

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